Fort Worth Metal Fest

March has been a busy month for metal heads in Dallas-Fort Worth. Last weekend, the Dallas Metal Scene hosted the Deep Ellum Metal Festival. This weekend, the Rail Club hosted the Fort Worth Metal Fest. In its fourth year, the festival offered nearly nine straight hours of metal. Whether you’re into thrash, death, grind, or black metal, there was something for everyone. Chemicaust went on around 3:00 and promptly blazed through their 30 minute set. There were only a couple of hundred people at the Rail Club, but those who were there were treated to a killer set. Playing tracks off their recently released Unleashed Upon This ... Read More

Stuart Baker kills it at the Rail Club

May 10th started out like just an ordinary Thursday for most of us except we all could sense something special in the air.  I had heard all the talk from fans about how this show that evening was going to be awe inspiring.  I think I believed them but it's one of those things that until you witness it you just don't really understand.  Rewind about 3 days prior and I was talking to a gentleman from Indiana.  He had called the Rail Club phone line and I happened to be sitting in the office working on some spreadsheets so like I always do I answered.  He was looking for ticket prices and seating options for the Unknown Hinson show.  ... Read More

Bruce and Jeanne Corbitt Renew their Wedding Vows

On April 21st the Rail Club had the privileged of hosting this very special event in which Bruce Corbitt renewed his wedding vows with his beautiful wife Jeanna.  As we are all aware about a year and half ago Bruce was diagnosed with Cancer.  He had been in a battle for his life ever since.  He revealed a few months ago that he was finished with traditional treatments that were being prescribed to him by medical professionals in favor of alternative medicines and healing.  With this announcement this event became even more special for the Corbitt family and his fans that have adorned his vocal talents from his days with Rigor Mortis ... Read More