Stuart Baker kills it at the Rail Club

Stuart Baker unleashes his brand of Rockabilly as Unknown Hinson  5/10/18

May 10th started out like just an ordinary Thursday for most of us except we all could sense something special in the air.  I had heard all the talk from fans about how this show that evening was going to be awe inspiring.  I think I believed them but it’s one of those things that until you witness it you just don’t really understand.  Rewind about 3 days prior and I was talking to a gentleman from Indiana.  He had called the Rail Club phone line and I happened to be sitting in the office working on some spreadsheets so like I always do I answered.  He was looking for ticket prices and seating options for the Unknown Hinson show.  He was planning on flying in to surprise his brother and take him to see this show.  He proceeded to explain to me for well over an hour how seeing Stuart do his thing would change my life.  I cordially listened as I know how I feel when I go on a rant about my favorite band as I am trying to convert all that will listen to the greatness I discovered in them.  So I patiently listened and took in his enthusiasm for this artist.  After a while he finally decided to let me go on with my work and I told him when he is here to just ask for Brian and I would buy him a drink.  Well the show started with some tremendous local talent from local legends Whiskey Dick, 50 Thick and Royal Sons so the crowd was warmed up and all ready to get their Rockabilly on.  Unknown Hinson then took the stage and gave it every inch of love and passion that it deserved.  The crowd was electric ebbing and flowing with each chord progression and note sung.  Stuart was mind blowing at his craft and commanded the stage and the audience like few others we have had at the rail.  After the set was done and we were all gathering ourselves from being completely submissive to the tones that were distributed by Mr. Baker I went to get an end of the night drink and I ran into the gentleman from the phone and his brother.  Without introducing himself or asking who I was he led  with “I told you he was going to change your life”  and in an instant the past phone conversation rattled through my brain.    All I could muster was you were right.  We chatted for about half an hour and had a drink as he relived other epic performances he had seen from him in the past and then he could sense I needed to start getting on the venue closing duties and he paid for my drink gave me a hug and told me how much he loved the venue and the staff.  I thanked him and went on my way.  Life changing is a bit of an overstatement but he was right that I would be left in awe from the performance and I would yearn to see another and that part was right on the mark.


Brian Scheid

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