The Rail Club Presents Last In Line 4/15/18

Last in Line, the Rail Club, and Buddy Blaze Guitars supports the Breast Cancer Can Stick it Foundation on 4/15/18

On Sunday April 15th we all gathered united for a common goal.  We all wanted to stick it to breast cancer and donate as much money as we could for the Breast Cancer Can Stick It Foundation.  There was a silent auction with many great pieces of memorabilia available to be bought by the highest bidder.  Breast Cancer survivor and founder of the foundation April Samuels can light up the room with her energy and passion for this cause.  Their biggest yearly event is the Drumathon which attracts some of the best national and local drummers to participate in a drum circle style event where the percussion can be heard from miles away.

The evening got started with the Stick it to Breast Cancer Band with main attraction April who is an accomplished drummer that also performs with the Rockaholics among other all star caliber musicians.  They played an assortment of popular cover songs and with Aprils energy on the Breast Cancer Can Stick it Drum kit the room was electric.  Following them local legends Blackout played an inspiring set led by Buddy Blazes Guitarist and all around great dude Bobby Michaelides melting solo after solo, as Hammer Gregston lived up to his nickname by pounding out the songs in a way that sent shock waves through the crowd.  Then it was the Rockaholics turn and they delivered a riveting 60 minute set of their traditional fare that has long entertained music fans over in Dallas.  During their set we had our first guest appearance of the night from the boys in 3Eighty3  with Matt Chapman and Zach Stewart ripping up their custom Buddy Blaze Guitar and Bass and Jude Lawless delivering the most powerful vocal performance of the evening so far.

Then the big surprise we saw a one time only formation of a band filled with all star talent and they performed under the name The All Star Band.  It was comprised of Terry Glaze of Pantera and Lord Tracy fame on Vocals, Taz Bentley of the Izzy Stradlin Band on percussion, Kinley Wolfe from Lord Tracy and The Cult on a Buddy Blaze Bass, and up and comer Sam Bam Koltun on his Buddy Blaze Guitar from Knee High Fox.  There set lived up to their band name it was All Star, Pro, and mnd blowing.  It was hard to believe that before they played their first note on stage that they had never played together in the same room before.  They played some great cover tunes that really got the crowd jumping.  It was so good that you almost forgot that there was still one band left on the bill.

It was none other than original Dio members Vivian Campbell and Vinny Appice with Last In Line.  They reprised many songs from the first two Dio albums that they had both written with the legendary Ronnie James Dio.   They executed those songs with an authenticity that could be only pulled off by the original songwriters.  Vivian Campbell’s guitar sound was so incredibly full and heavy that you couldn’t believe he was just plugged into his amp with no additional guitar effects to beef up the sound.  If you came out wanting to hear how great a raw guitar tone could sound you certainly achieved that goal on this night.  Vinny Appice was a best on the drums and really took control of the rhythm and executed with precision.   Andrew Freeman crushed the vocals and as we all know following in Ronnie James Dio’s shoes is no easy task.  He was able to maintain the integrity of the songs and gave it his own personal flare.  The set was Dynamic and Unforgettable.  If you get a chance to see them I would do whatever you have to because it is an experience you will never forget.

The night was a rousing success and the charity raised in excess of $8,000.  Thanks to all the bands, artists and BCCSI staffers who donated their time for the cause.  Thank you Buddy Blaze for being instrumental in helping with putting all the pieces in place assisting Brian Scheid and The Rail Club for organizing this amazing Event.  Last but certainly not least Thank you April Samuels for being a crusader in the fight against this terrible disease an entire venue had  your back on this night.



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