Live Music Workshop


No Cover Charge

Open to Musicians, Friends, Fans of Music

Anyone Can Join the Atmosphere

The Live Musicians Workshop

 The Rail Club is excited to provide local musicians a place to improve their overall playing skills and creativity through this immersive activity that will challenge a players ability to adapt to music in a live playing environment. You will sign up by the instrument you play and then you will be randomly matched with the other instrument players for stage performance. You will get to jam with this group in 15 minute increments on stage and by the end of the night you will have built chemistry with players you didn’t even know prior to stepping on the stage with them. Some days you will be the teacher by helping more inexperienced players learn the ropes of impromptu music creation and other days you will be the student when you are matched with players that push your own skill level to new heights. This is not an open mic. You will not be playing a set of your rehearsed music. We encourage you and all your band mates to come out and participate but you will not be playing a set as a whole. That’s for your bands rehearsal time this is intended for stretching your abilities as a player which means you will need to be pushed out of your comfort zone. This is a terrific opportunity to network with other DFW Musicians. All you need to bring is your guitar, Sticks, Voice, or whatever you love to make music with and we will find a way to work it in. These dates are subject to change depending on the Rail Club’s show booking but we will be doing this activity every Sunday a touring package is not on the schedule starting on 2/11/18 moving forward. Come out and play with us and become a better player overall.